Our Mission

To promote the protection and conservation of Nevada rock art through documentation, archives, research and public education.

The NRAF envisions a future in which the people of Nevada and the Great Basin, value, protect, and are knowledgeable about the characteristics of Nevada rock art sites; and where research into Nevada’s rock art attains international significance.






About the Foundation

The Nevada Rock Art Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that actively promotes the protection of prehistoric rock art in Nevada and surrounding areas. The Foundation implements its mission through programs that improve archaeological knowledge of rock art and raise public awareness of rock art's heritage significance. The Foundation was established in 2002 by Shari Chase and Dr Alanah Woody to address the management and research problems stemming from inadequate archaeological knowledge that then existed for many of the state's 1,200 rock art sites.

The Foundation's fieldwork programs are carried out by volunteers trained through our rock art documentation program and supervised in the field by a staff archaeologist. We have built strategic partnerships with federal and state land managing agencies and have recorded important rock art sites throughout Nevada, including many of the largest and most at risk sites.

Through education programs we promote public awareness and appreciation of the heritage significance of Nevada rock art and other archaeological resources. Active research and professional publications allows the heritage significance of Nevada's rock art to be brought to the attention of a wider audience.

Although it may not be possible to physically preserve all rock art sites, they can be saved for posterity by recording them in the field, and these data can be used for education, research, publication, analysis and legal protection for years to come. Help protect Nevada rock art by supporting the Foundation today.

Last updated 8/16/2016.